On 21th April 2016 in Milan, Italy will be the first country to host the presentation of the Industrial Security Platform KICS to Industry.

BM Automation and Kaspersky Lab announced, on 14th April during an exclusive press event in London, the specialised solution to secure critical infrastructure and industrial facilities – Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity. The solution addresses the urgent need to manage industrial cyber-risks and protect the continuity and integrity of technological processes in industrial environments from cyber-attacks. This is vital as in such environments virtual threats have the potential to cross the boundaries of cyber-space and target field-level equipment, threatening both nature and humanity.

BM Automation, Division of BM Group, supplier of automation systems and therefore active part next to factories all over the world, has been the system integrator selected by Kaspersky Lab to realize it.
Andrea Tonini, Sales Director of BM Group explains how the role of the System Integrator changes and evolves to meet this increasing need of security.


“BM Automation accepted this challenge working out:

1) A new method to design and develop the future’s automation systems:
The project is focused on the quality of components, industrial plant performances, costs reduction and production efficiency. Cyber Security adds to all of these elements in the first steps, in order to supply protected automation systems.
2) A new approach to modernization and revamping projects: by assisting customers in upgrading their existing systems, complex and multibrand, the plant availability is combined to new technologies, in order to make innovative and secure existing factories too.
3) A specific training dedicated to internal staff and technicians, to the correct use and maintenance of computer based systems, from simple access mode to the network management.

The Cyber Security Department is available to deepen specific requests.


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