ActiveROLL is the system offered by BM Automation for the management, regulation, process control and production for lamination plants for long products.
ActiveROLL brings together all electrical and electronic components, combined with a series of software modules which allow the construction and management of long rolling plants ( beams, bars, rods, wire rods ). ActiveROLL has a modular structure and in its full version consists of the MV/LV station, of the distribution power centre, of action control panels for rolling plant cages, and shears, of action control panels for auxiliary machines, and of services. A fully optical network of 5 levels of automation connects all equipment to the DCS control system, which operates the integrated management of the whole rolling plant, besides a supervisory network of 3 levels which connects the automation system with the SCADA/HMI system. The core of the system is the control software which, fully realized in modules, implements management functions in digital cascade of all roller machines, space control management of shears with cutting optimisation, heave automatic control loop, machine bending control loop, automatic stranding detection system with continuity control of the material, WEB-based management of rolling table, tracking management of material in WEB technology, handling of stops and of WEB technology production.