ActiveOPD is a determining and measurement system of geometric profiles (Optical Path Detection) as applied to guidance systems of longitudinal pipe welders in such manner as to keep centred the welding wire with respect to the coordinates measured by the system.
The system consists of a laser blade, a camera which can read the laser profile projected on the tube and a processing unit. ActiveOPD generates reference signals to action the tube’s centering during welding. All screw nuts are graphically drawn out on a suitable operating panel installed in the welding machine’s command post.
A dedicated page presents the graphic form of the detected mast and through the button functions it would be possible to effect the machine set-up and identify the trolley’s various command options. An Integrated Software Module allows the system to graphically record the last 10 welded pipes and if need be, by using display software, proceed to a post-processing assessment to identify any welding defects The system can be easily interfaced with the process control system used at the plant, or by means of any OPC information systems.